From people who have hired Henry Watkins:

“Henry is known as the "King of Copy" in these parts. He handled detailed copy and a set full of clients beautifully for a multiple day shoot in which he was the only talent. Is a dream to work with in addition - personable, friendly, and all around cool.” 

-Katie Jewett, Account Manager, Citizen Pictures

“Henry is the best kind of talent to work with. Professional, fast and fun to be around. Plus he has an approachable charm on camera that comes effortlessly.” 

-Amy Pankenier, Chief Creative Officer, Media Garden

“It is my honor to recommend Henry Watkins for your next project. We called on Henry several different times, and the reason we did that is because he came through, spot-on, every project we did with him. Henry's characterizations are smooth, seemingly effortless, and instantaneous. He's the dictionary definition of a "natural."
I know as well as anybody the pressure one is under when you've got a commercial production of several hundred thousand dollars essentially riding on the actors being able to execute when the pressure is on. With Henry, there simply is no pressure, because you know you'll get what you need.
Please call upon me personally if you need additional information.”
-Marshall Zweig,  Owner / Chief Creative Officer, Oz Advertising

“Henry is an excellent actor, perfect for 'everyman' roles. Professional, hard working, and great fun on set.”

-Roger Bartley, Producer, Owner RBPI Video Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with Henry Watkins on a Directv promo with Nascar's Kasey Kahne. Henry brought his "A" game, not only making our job easier but also clearing a path for Kahne to do his well too! Thanks Henry!”

-Michael Deane, Producer, Executive Producer, Modern Times Film Company



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